Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In the northern region of Mongolia, a coal-washing plant with production capacity of 1.2 million tonnes has been commissioned based on the Sharyn Gol coal mine.

The plant wants to export its products to South Korea. If realized, the plant’s action will be the first commitment for landlocked Mongolia to commercialize its mineral products to the third markets, say the authorities. Mongol Sammok Logistics Company will play the main role in the ocean shipping of Mongolian washed coal, as reflected in the Government’s action plan. The infrastructure advantage of the new plant, which intersects with the northern railways of Mongolia, allows its products to reach the ports of Valdivostok and Nakhodka of Russia.

Some 25 thousand tonnes of washed coal is to be shipped to South Korea for the first tranche. The South Korean companies have already put their buying offers as the products meet their standard requirements. Accordingly, the first offer was for 60 thousand tonnes.

The Sharyn Gol joint-stock company intends to commercialize its products on a competitive price on the global market, as soon as the ocean shipping test completes.

If the company can get some alleviation on the Russian railway payments, a new opportunity will open its doors for Mongolian mining products.