Mongolian designers have successfully participated in the “London Design Biennale”

Designers and curators from many countries have actively participated in the “London Design Biennale–2018” exhibition between 4 to 23 September 2018 in London, UK for presenting their creations while exchanging their experiences with others and ultimately learning the latest international development trends. Among them a cashmere garment producing brand “OYUNA” and the “Sustainable Fibre Alliance” are jointly attending to this event from Mongolia.


The “Cashmere Cloud”, one of the main attractions of the exhibition was regarded as a unique presentation that has drawn greater interests from both spectators and international media groups. The display of over 40 kg washed and dehaired cashmere, brought in by the “Sustainable Fibre Alliance”, at the exhibition has given audiences with a notion of how soft and fine the cashmere is before turning into garments with a thorough industrial processes including the spinning and threading. This event has opened a new gate way to Mongolian cashmere industries to be recognised by the international audiences.