J.Blunden: Mongolia is not a country to visit in a hurry.

Jane Blunden, Mongolian expert, one of the first Irish travellers fell in love with Mongolia over thirty years ago when travelling in her 20s. She is an author of “Mongolia travel guide“ and her book has been published in third edition in 2014.  She wrote “…such travel to a far-off country both brings us home and teaches us about ourselves revealing, perhaps, our true identities and, maybe, our deepest desires and greatest fears…” The guide reviews new hotels and restaurants which are popping up as business is booming. Mongolia provides all the information you’ll need to arrange an unforgettable stay with Mongolian nomads, enjoying the centuries-old lifestyle of a traditional Mongolian house – Ger.

Mr Odonjil Banzragch, Minister-Сounsellor of Mongolian Embassy in London, J.Blunden and her sister C.Blunden  are looking to further enhance bilateral relations through cultural, humanitarian cooperation between the two countries.