International Agreement Law revised

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On Thursday’s plenary session of the parliament held the final reading of the draft new version of the Law on International Agreements. The law was first adopted in 1993, and amended in 1998 and 2012.

A law on the Rules of Establishing, Observing and Terminating International Agreements was adopted in 1985 in accordance with the Ordinance No. 95 of the then Presidium of the People’s Great Khural of the People’s Republic of Mongolia.

Mongolia joined the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties in 1988.

In frameworks of the previous laws and regulations, Mongolia have become party to 290 multilateral agrements, and signed over 1,500 bilateral agreements. As the foreign interactions of the country expand, the necessity to establish international agreements and treaties grows. Within the past decade, Mongolia joined 64 international multi-partite agreements.

O.Baasankhuu MP inquired about whether or not the previously signed international agreements of Mongolia would change with the adoption of the law revision. To his question, head of the parliamentary Standing committee on State structure N.Enkhbold answered “The previously bound agreements and treaties will not be affected by this revision. Hundreds of agreements are being implemented at the moment between Mongolia and other countries and international organizations. The new version of law will govern the relations regarding the establishment of any international agreement from the moment on when it takes force”.

The new version of the law was backed with 73 percent votes.