Leonardo Di Caprio to be sculpted as Mongol warrior

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Academy award winning actor Leonardo Di Caprio’s face will be immortalized among the 10,000 cavalry of Chingis Khaan, the sculptures of mounted heroes to be located adjacent to the largest-in-the-world equestrian statue of Great Chingis Khaan at Tsonjin Boldog Complex.

The decision was announced by the managers and sculptors of the Tumen Khishigten (10,000 cavalry of Chingis Khaan) project on March 14. This was in respect of the famous Hollywood actor’s pending visit to Mongolia on 10-day tour around Lake Khuvsgul.

Surrounding the 40-meter tall Chingis Khaan equestrian statue will be ten thousand sculptures of mounted heroes with faces of kings of the Golden Lineage, from Chingis to Ligden.

One of those mounted heroes will have Leonardo’s face. The sculpting work has already begun, they said.