Ambassadors have exchanged their views on bilateral relations

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Mongolia to UK, H.E. Mr.S.Bayar has met with H.E. Mr. Philip Malone, the newly appointed UK Ambassador to Mongolia.

Ambassador S.Bayar has stated that while commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations, he is looking forward to work together towards the further strengthening of the friendly relations and cooperation of Mongolia and UK.

Ambassador P.Malone has noted that the British-Mongolian relation has many opportunities and possibilities, particularly in the economic and investment sectors, to expand and therefore he will commit his endeavours towards fulfilling these prospects.

Ambassador S.Bayar has attended the All Parliamentary Party Britain-Mongolia group reception

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Mongolia to UK, H.E. Mr.S.Bayar has attended the annual All Parliamentary Party Britain-Mongolia group reception which has taken place at the Westminster on 21 February 2018. In his remarks, during the reception, the Ambassador S.Bayar has stated that “the 2018 is commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The cooperation in the political, economic, defence and education sectors have been strengthened over the years and the ties between the legislative institute of the two countries have been complimenting the relation with its valuable contributions.”

A delegation of the British Group for Inter-Parliamentary Union, consisted of members of both houses of the Westminster, has paid an official visit to Mongolia in November 2017, which had an importance in not only improving the bilateral parliamentary relations but also maintaining the frequency of the high level exchange visits between the two countries.

BBC radio exposes the rise of Mongolian opera

Producer Steven Rajam, and journalist Kate Molleson of BBC Radio-4 presented a special double bill programme named ‘From the Steppe to the Stage’ about remarkable rise of Mongolia’s opera.

In the first episode, the journalist unravels success story of Mongolian opera singer Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, and his childhood memories, home province. In second episode, it explores the development of Mongolian classical art and opera education. The programme concludes that the opera is becoming an important tool for Mongolia’s public diplomacy.

BBC Radio 4 is a radio station dedicated to music, drama, science and history which has over 12 million listeners around the world.

The Embassy expresses its sincere appreciation and wishing all the best for the programme team, and J. Unurmaa, the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia who organized their trip to Mongolia, and colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet and people who contributed this programme.










For the 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relations, which will be commemorated in the year of 2018, the Foreign Minister of Mongolia and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom have exchanged reciprocal congratulatory letters in where they have mutually expressed their commitments to further strengthen the bilateral relations and cooperation.

In the letters, the Ministers have not only mentioned their satisfaction on the current state of the friendly ties but also expressed the enhancement opportunities and possibilities in the cooperation in many areas including the trade and economic sectors. The counterparties, moreover, have emphasized on the successful multilateral cooperation the both countries enjoy.

Mongolian Delegates to participate in the 30th General Assembley of the International Maritime Organization

The head of delegation H.E Mr Tsogtgerel Batchuluun, the Vice Minister of Road and Transport Development, Mr Otgonbayar Lkhamsuren, Deputy Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the International Maritime Organization, Mr Tuvshintur Saranjav, Head of Mongolian Maritime Administration, Mr Nyamdavaa Buuvei, Senior specialist of the Ministry of Road and Transportat Development have been representing the Government of Mongolia to the 30th Assembly of the International Maritime Organization is being held in London between 27 November and 7 December 2017.

The Vice Minister has presented a speech in the opening session of the Assembly and briefly introduced policies and recent achievements in the waterway transport industry of Mongolia.

The Assembly is the IMO’s highest governing body. It responsible for approving the work programme and budget; and determining financial arrangement and electing IMO Council. The Assembly consists of all IMO Member States and meets once every two years. During the Assembly, the delegates of Mongolia met H.E Mr Kitack Lim, the Secretary-General of the IMO and discussed further cooperation with the IMO.

Mongolian Vice Minister visits the FCO

Mr. Tsogtgerel Batchuluun, Vice Minister for road and transportation development meets with Mark Garnier, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for international Trade at the FCO. Two ministers have exchanged their assessments on bilateral cooperation and  reiterated readiness of future collaboration in the field of infrastructure development in Mongolia. Secretary Garnier came to Mongolia last spring with working visit and set up a good basis for the cooperation between two ministries.          

Ambassador has received the new head of the Asia Pacific Department of FCO

H.E. Mr. Bayar Sanjaa, Mongolian Ambassador met with Mr. Patrick Moody, the newly appointed Head of the Asia Pacific Department of FCO.

While congratulating on his new appointment and extending best wishes for his endeavour, Ambassador S.Bayar has expressed his confidence that Mr. P.Moody, as his predecessors, will commit his efforts to further strengthen the friendly ties between the two countries. During the meeting, the parties have exchanged their views on different issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Mr. Moody has expressed his gratitude for rendering opportunity to meet and noted that the bilateral relation has withnessed an impetus on education and economic sectors in recent years and reiterated that the Britain is keen on further enhancement in those sectors.

Mr. Bill Munn is awarded with the highest national honour of Mongolia.

The President of Mongolia has awarded the Order of the “ Nairamdal” ( Friendship), the national honour for foreign nationals to Mr. Bill Munn, Chief Executive of the Cambridge Mongolian Development Appeal ( CAMDA ) for his great effort and dedication in supporting agricultural sector of Mongolia and especially, low income nomadic families whose livelihood depend on herd animals. Since its foundation in 2000, CAMDA has raised more than £500000 to aid herding families with their basic needs after a winter disaster, and equip them with hands-on skills.

Mr. Odonjil Banzragch, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy presented the award in the presence of Prof. David Sneath, Director of the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit ( MIASU ) and Chair of CAMDA, staff members of MIASU and Mr. Tserenbat , Lead person of the Mongolian Association in the UK and  Board member of CAMDA during the ceremony that held at the University of Cambridge on September 7th, 2017.

Hertford Rugby Team of Oxford visited Mongolia

The Rugby team of Hertford College of Oxford has visited Mongolia 20 July-1 August 2017 for the second tour and had friendly matches which was co-organized by the Mongolian Rugby Association. During the tour, the Hertfordians played two matches against the ‘Ulaanbaatar Warriors’. 

Off the pitch, the Hertfordians also have visited gers of nomads in country side and visited an orphanage and attended a buffet reception hosted by the British Embassy alongside representatives of Mongolian Rugby Association. During the reception, Chairman John Collis of Hertford Rugby Club has publicly expressed the gratitude to His Excellency Mr Bayar, Mongolian Ambassador to UK, for his help in organising and facilitating the tour and the goodwill between UK and Mongolia.

















In his speech, the president-elect Kh.Battulga vowed to treasure Mongolia’s independency, freedom and national unity, honor the constitution, fulfill the duty of the President and received the blessing from the national flag of Mongolia. Thus, the President Kh.Battulga officially received the State Seal from the outgoing President Ts.Elbegdorj.
“Assuring the faith of Mongolian people, I have pledged my oath as the President of Mongolia. This is the highest hope and responsibility entrusted to me from the people and voters. Inheriting the noble chain of our ancestor’s tradition, I accept the call to strive for integrity for my people” addressed President Kh.Battulga.
“I express my gratitude for Mongolian people for having faith and trust in me. Also, I wish the other candidates of Presidential election and outgoing incumbent President Ts.Elbegdorj success in their further actions dedicated for the prosperity of Mongolia” said the President Kh.Battulga.

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