Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Such a draft was presented to the Chairman of the State Great Khural Z.Enkhbold by the Minister of Finance J.Erdenebat on May 11. The amendments concerns the taxation and reporting issues.
According to the General Tax Law, the final dates for paying and reporting of any kind of taxation are resolved to be simultaneous, while the Law on Mineral Resources says the entities should pay the quarterly royalty payments within the next quarter and to submit the monthly report by 20th of a next month.
As the two regulations contradict with each other, it puts more burden on the tax authorities, as well as on the taxpayers, said the Minister.
Therefore, the draft amendment to the Law on Mineral Resources has been developed for resolving these conflicting issues and for harmonizing the clauses of the law with the General Tax Law. In brief, the tax paying and reporting periods will be set on the same dates.


The Embassy of Mongolia in London is inviting you to join a CAMEL RACE DAY charity event, which is being organized by the Wild Camel Protection Foundation on Sunday, 7 September 2014 at Hole Park, Rolvenden, Kent TN17 4JA,England.


The Embassy’s Visa Section is renewing its timetable effect from Monday, 18 August 2014 as follows:

Working days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Opening hours: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm (except public holidays)

So please arrange your visit to the Visa Section accordingly.


The Government of Mongolia has made a decision on exempting passport holders of 42 countries, travelling to Mongolia, from visa requirements.

According to the Government decision, passport holders of the below listed countries may travel to Mongolia for tourist and/or business purposes without visa and stay up to 30 days, from 25 June 2014 to 31 December 2015.

Please note that visa fee is non-refundable. The Embassy will not reimburse the fee paid before this date.

1 Austria
2 Andorra
3 Argentina
4 Bahamas
5 Belgium
6 Bulgaria
7 Brazil
8 Greece
9 Gibraltar
10 Grenada
11 Denmark
12 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
13 Iceland
14 Spain
15 Italy
16 Ireland
17 Cyprus
18 Costa-Rica
19 Latvia
20 Lithuania
21 Liechtenstein
22 Luxembourg
23 Malta
24 Monaco
25 Netherlands
26 Norway
27 Panama
28 Poland
29 Portugal
30 Romania
31 Slovakia
32 Slovenia
33 Hungary
34 Uruguay
35 Finland
36 France
37 Croatia
38 Czech
39 Chile
40 Sweden
41 Switzerland
42 Estonia

Wonderful Mongolia Tour 2014



We invite you to participate in the fun and adventurous eco-reality show.

By participating in our tour show:

1. Tour through 4500 km of land in Mongolia and visit scenic lands of Altai, Khangai, Gobi, dessert and historical places.
2. Participate in an adventurous tour and challenge yourself.
3. The reality show mixes fun, free relaxation with adventurous competitions.
4. Your memorable trip will be taken on film.
5. A chance to become a TV or internet star.
6. A winning team for each competition receives $500
7. Grand Prix price of $30 000 for one winning team

The adventures and features in our tour:

– Participate in the two-humped camel race which are found only in Mongolia and Central


– Ride the Mongolian horses that conquered the world
– Rock climbing
– Fitness competition /pull a car, lift rocks by the team/
– Climb sandy mountains
– Yak polo
– Race to Mountain top
– Mongolian traditional mechanical toys
– Participate in the Three Manly Competitions

A professional team will organize the reality show. Advantages:

– International journalists will be working
– Each team will have 1 SUV and a designated driver
– Mongolian traditional chefs
– Luxurious hotels
– Spend the nights in tour camps with gers
– Spend some of the nights in a tent under the stars
– A complete crew with a TV studio and professional filming
– Safety will be guaranteed by a special security


One team from one country
Each team has 3 members
The tax for each person to be participating in the reality show is $3000
Each team’s wager is 3000


Requirements and rules to participants of
international reality show

1. Registration: All of the foreign applicants willing to participate in “Amazing journey to Mongolian Legend” must bring following documents,
• Passport, Visa expiry date
• Temporary address in Mongolia, contact number
• Certificate of health
• Whether vegetarian or not

2. All of the foreign participants must crew their team consists of 3 people from their country. And the team must prepare following things,
• Each member of the team must prepare their private items (cups, spoons, forks, a sleeping bag, a tent, warm clothes, a towel, soaps etc)
• The team must prepare a presentation about its own country (present their country to audiences)
• 2 flags of its own country (75X150, one is for the vehicle and another one is for the camp)
• Project charge 9000$ per person ( stake 3000$)
Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia: 499 196 560

3. All of the participants have to meet and follow following requirements and rules
• To have some knowledge about Mongolia
• Should be age of 18-45 and healthy
• To have at least 1 female member in a team
• To be punctual, organized and willing to carry responsibility
• To be cultural and a good team player
• Not to smoke and drink
• To obey team leaders’ claims and orders
• To obey orders of the camera director and the camera team workers during filming
• Not to deviate from the travel itinerary without permission
• To express your opinion about the project to the organizers/team leaders/producer/director and get your answer
• To complete tasks honestly and with sincerity
• To communicate others openly, amiably, respectfully and harmoniously
• To be respectful of flags, cultures, languages and heritages of own and other countries
• It is forbidden to show ludicrous, immoral or harsh acts during travel



Mongolia Business Summit 2014

Mongolia Business Summit – GROW WITH US

Bringing together business people, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss how they can collectively take advantage of Mongolia’s next phase of growth.

Presented by the Mongolia Economic Forum, the Mongolia Business Summit will focus on global partnerships to facilitate business growth.  A “deal-driven” approach enabling entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, both local and international, to interact directly will be used.

A huge focus of next month’s summit is to introduce corporations, bankers, investors and entrepreneurs, both local and international, to discover how they can explore the untapped potential of one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

International and local business people experiencing success in Mongolia will share unrivaled, first-hand experience of growing their business in this emerging market. Mr. Robert Friedland is also expected to attend the Summit.

With one of the world’s fastest growing GDP rates at 9.5% in 2014 and 10% expected in 2015 (Asia Development Bank), Mongolia is setting the foundations for a period of high and steady growth expected in 2015/2016.

Mongolia serves as a key platform for markets in China and Russia. This landlocked nation is ideally situated between two influential neighbours with large economies.

The country’s target growth sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, mining, real estate and manufacturing, will be explored at the event. Representatives from each of these sectors will also attend.

Participants have the rare opportunity of opting to visit various sites including cashmere factories, agricultural and food processing facilities, manufacturing plants and a mining site.

Join us for the Mongolian Business Summit from June 19-21, 2014 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Grow with us.

For further information please contact or visit www.meforurm.mnwww.business-in-mongolia.mn .

Email: urtanasan.b@meforum.mn



Mongolian Embassy in the UK together with the Mongolian Art and Culture in London is delighted to represent Mongolia at the 55th Children and Family Across Borders (CFAB) International Spring Fair and Food Festival on13th & 14th May 2014 due to take place at Kensington Town Hall in support of their charity work for protecting children and uniting families across borders.

Diplomatic missions of over 80 countries based in London will bring their art, culture and food over two days. There will be all day live entertainment, cocktails, sale of arts, crafts, souvenir items, textiles and food in support of a good cause. Proceeds will go to CFAB.

Mongolia stalls

We cordially invite everyone to visit Mongolia stalls throughout both days. We will have paintings and paper cutting artworks by Mongolian and international artists, Mongolian souvenirs, cashmere , food as well as books on Mongolia, Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan.

Mongolian cultural performance

Mongolian music entertainment slot is scheduled between 3:30-4:00pm on 14th May on the Great Hall Stage provided by N. Bat-Erdene, a Khöömii (overtone/throat) singer and morin khuur (horse-head fiddle) player. 

We hope that you will join us in supporting this unique event and celebrate the 55th anniversary by raising funds to help reunite children and families across international borders whilst enjoying this exciting international experience in the heart of London. Admission: £5/£2 (Children under 10 free)


More details: http://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/presenting-mongolia-at-the-55th-international-spring-and-food-festival-in-london/

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